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Profelmnet Easy Tech App

The Profelmnet - Easy tech application is compatible with Profelmnet series 50 series control boards and enables the user to configure all functions of the control board.

Pre-requisite is the INTERNET and BLUETOOTH on the user’s mobile phone, the user first creates his personal account in the application, which he uses to connect to it. After that, the user clicks the Login button and sees the list of available PROFELMNET BLUETOOTH control boards. Selects his automation, enters the PIN code of the control board and connects to it.

The application has 2 main screens of communication.

The first, is LIVE screen that the user can send LIVE commands and receive information about the control board and the second one, MENU screen that the user has access to all available functions/adjustments of the control board.

Target group of the series -50 and Profelmnet Easy Tech application is specialized technicians who are responsible for the installation and configuration of the automatic gate.

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