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Profit Rest Hospitality


PROFIT iRest is an ideal and reliable software solution for hospitality, which provide to you:

  • Many features, in order to meet your needs

  • Speed, aiming to excellent service of your customers


Also, Profit is an innovative program, easy to use, adaptable to any type of business. 


Our goal is to make your business succesful by transact easily, quickly and without mistakes, so you could fully satisfy your customers.


  • Rest- Cash

  • Cash- Light version Back Office

  • PDA (iOs, android)

  • Delivery

  • Distribution Management

  • Kitchen Displays

  • Stores Management

  • Report Generator

  • Storage, Consumptions, Recipes, Compositions

  • Loyalty System

  • Back Office full version


Indivative, some benefits are:


  • Order- Table management

  • Split/ Transfer tables

  • Payment/ Partial payment

  • Receipt/ Invoice

  • Multiple Printers

  • Waitress management

  • Statistics- Financial data- Turnover- sales

  • Reports Lists

  • Favorites

  • Own Consumption- Treat- Discount

  • Alert messages ect.



  • Order management

  • Calls/ Daily calls

  • Customer Info

  • Deliver

  • Order stage

  • Caller ID

  • Map ect.



The development of this program goes one step further by creating a web application Profit iRest.  This new development aims to make your life easier by provide to you this software on web without any difficult istallations.

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